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Here at Nile Cruisers, we can also offer you the opportunity to combine your Nile Cruise with a stay at a beach resort or with a visit to Cairo to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

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Nile Cruisers

If you want to enjoy an exceptional standard of river travel from a company with nearly twenty years of experience in providing high-grade Egyptian cruise vacation experiences, we are exactly the company you are looking for. Our professional team is committed to ensuring an authentic, well-organized tour that enables visitors to gain a fascinating glimpse of a country where the past and present are irresistibly intermingled.

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    Easy to book through one of our agents or online, we make sure our clients have all the information they need to make the decisions which are right for them. From clear itineraries through to transparent pricing, we do whatever we can to try and make life easier when it comes to selecting an appropriate voyage.

    We keep our prices low, without ever lowering the standard of what we provide. No matter what type of Egyptian cruise you decide is right for you; when you turn to us, you will enjoy a competitive package with everything you need for far less than you would imagine.

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    In Egypt, there are numerous tourist sites to choose from, since traveling to any of Egypt’s cities will leave a different memory in your travel trip to Egypt, traveling to Egypt is such an unforgettable experience.

    For example; when being in Egypt you can experience the mystery of its major city: Cairo; Cairo is Egypt’s capital, known as; “The mother of all cities”.

    Cairo is characterized by its ancient Pharoanic monuments, Islamic mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish synagogues. Not only distinguished by these great ancient Pharoanic monuments like; the pyramids, or the sphinx, or the Egyptian museum that bares thousands and thousands of monumental treasures. But also, its demographic distinctiveness, having the river Nile passing all over Egypt, crowds increased day after day around the River Nile, all these factors make if one of the most famous tourist attraction in the world.

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    Our team members each have a wealth of local knowledge which they are happy to share. Many of our team has traveled on the cruises we offer, enabling them to provide a unique insight into the type of accommodation, dining and other facilities you can expect to enjoy.