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Nile Cruise safety measures during Covid-19

Nile Cruise safety measures during Covid-19

By admin on 29 Jan 2021


Travel Requirements

  • Travel to Egypt requires you to arrange your own COVID-19 test and provide evidence of a negative result, 72 hours in advance of your holiday, or you won’t be able to fly.
  • For your return journey, you must check in your country if you will need another PCR test certificate in Egypt which costs almost $150.

Full instructions and Information for the tourist who intend to buy an Egypt tours package from USA can be found on the website of the Egyptian Embassy in USA


All the following precautions are obligatorily applied to all cruise ships whether it is under Deluxe Nile Cruise or Luxury Nile Cruise, categories

  • Reception Area
  • Complete purification of the reception area, especially the area of high contact (passages, reception area, stairs, upholstery, and surfaces) in a regular manner.
  • Providing electronic accommodation of guests using single-use tools.
  • Observing the social distance in the sitting areas (sofas and couches)
  • The commitment to purify and sanitize public bathrooms in a regular manner.
  • Encouraging deals using online payment.
  • Verifying that the guest’s datasheet contains the data pertinent to the persons who suffer from chronic diseases and are above 65 Y.O

Nile Cruise Guest’s Cabins

  • Operating 50% of the operational capacity
  • Not exceeding the room capacity (02 adults along with permitting the existence of two kids(only less than 12 Years)
  • Providing sanitizers (alcohol dispensers) at the passages between the rooms.
  • Providing personal protection kit for every guest contains personal protection tools (masks, gloves, and sanitizers)
  • Ventilating and purifying the rooms in a continuous manner.
  • Cleaning the upholstery and towels at a high temperature
  • Cleaning and purifying the air conditions filters of the rooms in a periodical manner
  • Purifying the rooms’ cards before using them by the guests.
  • Room cleaning as per the request every 48 hours
  • Sanitizing the door handles, electrical switches, and remote controls
  • Wiping the mirrors and washing the bathtubs using an appropriate percentage of chlorine
  • Sanitizing all bathrooms accessories with alcohol (70% concentration)
  • Using single-use cups.
  • Not to accommodate the check-out rooms unless after 12hours from out along with observing the good ventilation
  • All wastes of the rooms shall be collected in a well-tied waste bag and placed in another bag, the same shall be applied to the bathroom wastes and discarded
  • Providing isolation rooms in case of emergence of positive cases (2 isolation rooms)
  • The tourist adherence to notify the hotel management immediately upon appearance of symptoms of Corona

Food and Beverage Services

  • Placing a fixed sanitizer at the entrance of the Cruise Ship restaurant
  • Measuring the temperature of the restaurant-goers before entering and before every meal
  • Fixing directional marks on the floor in front of the restaurant door to organize entry and to maintain a safe distance
  • Serving meals on a set menu.
  • Maintain a safe distance between each table, i.e. 1,5 m and,75 m between each person on the same table
  • Provide sanitizer and napkins on the tabs
  • Using single-use tools of high quality. It is possible to use silverware and chinaware upon the guest’s request after sanitizing them
  • The restaurant shall be sanitized before and after each meal.
  • It is possible to use a table cloth and we wash them at a temperature between 70 and 80 centigrade or use single-use ones.
  • Providing good ventilation

(Cruise & Hotel) Kitchens

  • The commitment to clean and sanitizer the kitchen in a daily manner and to purify the contact surfaces regularly
  • Adherence to all cleaning criteria and workers wearing gloves and masks along with changing them from time to time and washing hands with soap and water continuously
  • Applying the international specifications to ensure the quality and safety of food
  • Providing wastebaskets to be opened by foot without the need to touch them
  • Providing baskets to collect medical wastes in red bags.

The Swimming pool and Sundeck

  • Maintenance and purification of the Cruise and Hotels swimming pool in a regular manner
  • Using the maximum percentage of chlorine concentration as the state in the conditions (5 milligrams/liter (10 milligrams / Liter bromine)
  • The distance between chairs shall be no less than 1,5M and in case of the fixed umbrella existence over the chairs the distance shall be no less than that 1,5M between each one.
  • Delivery of the swimming pool towels to the guest’s rooms in sanitized bags.
  • Sanitizing the bar area and Sun deck in a continuous manner.

The Other Facilities

  • Prohibiting the use of the Jacuzzi, Saunas, steam bath, and Massage sessions.
  • Purifying the surfaces, gymnasium, as well as the apparatuses, used continuously along with observation of the safe distance between the apparatuses
  • A doctor is available on call if needed for any reason
  • Verifying the provision of hand sanitizers at all facilities at all times and throughout the operation periods
  • Purifying the laundry pertinent to the furnishing and towels daily.
  • Sanitizing the delivery points of the unwashed furnishing and dealing with them in a careful manner
  • Sanitizing delivery points of furnishing
  • Not permitting other workers to enter the laundry

Tours and Outside activities

  • All tours and trips are private with a big van and private tour guide, we use 50% maximum for passengers inside each bus or Van, and mostly all trips are individual
  • Private transfer from the airport/ train station to embark on board.
  • Guide and driver are wearing a face mask during all trips and sanitize the van daily

For any further clarifications before you book Dahabiya Nile Cruise, Nile Cruise, or Egypt tour package please contact us



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