Egypt Holiday Packages

Being one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, Egypt has a variety of amazing tourist attractions. Book holiday packages around Egypt; discover the highlights and the best Egypt tour package, we guarantee the best rate, and service quality at Nile Cruisers, we are experts in all kind of tours in Egypt If you would love to experience Egypt, holiday packages are abundant. We can help you get the most out of your trip, whether it is a week-long visit, or you are looking to spend a few weeks soaking up the sights, and history of Egypt, and we are at that section will provide you with many ideas about the types of Egypt packages, and how to choose your next holiday package in Egypt,

Common Egypt Tour Packages

Booking a tour package in Egypt can be done online through an Egyptian tour operator, or a travel agency in tourist country both of those ways have pros and cons, but in the end depend on your leaves we will not discuss the difference between the 2 ways here but we will provide information will help you in choosing the right holiday package for you. Egypt has many kinds of activates and tourist destinations that we can classify to the following holiday package types;

  • Classic packages; which includes sightseeing tours in through Egyptian tourist destinations like Cairo tours, Luxor tours or Aswan then you can choose between the types or the era of the historical sightseeing like Pharaonic, Roman or religious tours or mixing between some of Egypt tour types.
  • Nile Cruise packages are visiting all the sightseeing located between Luxor and Aswan where are most important pharaonic monuments and the biggest collection all over the world and accommodate in floating hotel (Nile Cruise Boat).
  • Beach holiday packages usually in one of the Red sea cities like Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheik in Sinai, or Mediterranean beaches like Alexandria.
  • Adventure safari packages; mostly it takes a place to visit western desert Egyptian Oasis such as Siwa or Farafra.
  • Compo tour package which includes more than one type of tours in the package.

Benefits of Choosing organized Nile Cruise package

An organized tour can have many great benefits, including lowering the stress levels of travel, because everything is pre-arranged. Transportation, sightseeing, and organized excursions can all be a part of the offering and tailored for maximum enjoyment.

When you choose us, you gain access to an established and accredited company with great reviews, flexibility, and a helpful team. Whether you call us for help or want to browse and book after seeing our Egypt holiday packages on our secure website, we look forward to helping you experience the beauty, history, and richness of Egypt.