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Nile Cruisers Reviews

Nile Cruisers Reviews

By admin on 25 Nov 2021


When planning your trip to the Nile River in Egypt, what is better than customers’ word of mouth and the truthful testimonials that they have given so you, our future customers, can be confident in using our services? We are here to help you book a hotel, tour cruise, or day trip services!

Below is a collection of reviews of our world-class travel company, Nile Cruisers.  Check what our customers have said about us up in this video. And please check out the Nile Cruisers reviews page on Trip Advisor

As a future customer, what can you expect on one of our tours or trips? For starters, you will enjoy the finest Nile River cruise offered, with an expert Egyptologist on board to give you the history and facts about the Nile River in Egypt. Use these reviews to help make the right decision for your trip with us! Our experts have laid out the types of trips and cruises you can go on with Nile Cruisers below.

What is the Nile River Cruise in Egypt?

Going on a Nile River Cruise is more than just deciding on a floating hotel instead of something in the major cities. You will be taken to a completely new part of the world, where our Egyptologists will narrate the history of the Nile and take you through some of the ancient temples and structures along the tour. What you will see and hear is considered to be some of the oldest stories and places in recorded human history. Onboard a Nile Cruisers trip, every guest will feel like ancient Egyptian royalty when our expert staff focuses on providing comfort, joy, and tranquility. For millennia, Egyptians and visitors alike have been sailing between Luxor and Aswan, or Aswan and Abu Simbel, on the Nile River for trade and exploration. Today this is still true, and you will feel the magic as you embark on your journey.

Nile Cruise

Nile River Cruise; Durations

Nile Cruisers includes 4 basic durations that start from Luxor and end in Aswan or vice versa. They are:

  • 3 Nights Nile River Cruise start from Aswan end Luxor
  • 4 Nights Nile River Cruise start from Luxor end Aswan
  • 7 Nights Nile River Cruise from Aswan or Luxor end with the same starting city

Nile Cruisers Categories

Many cruise ships and companies can be found on the Nile River, but we at Nile Cruisers operate only luxury and deluxe ships for our Nile River cruises. Our many years of experience has taught us that cruise trips should be very personal once the guests’ check-in they will have to stay within the ship for the duration of their trip, which can be a new experience since guests cannot stay in a hotel, which does offer flexibilities on where they can go out for food or entertainment. But by choosing to take a Nile River cruise instead, services and experiences should be top quality. This is why we are very careful when selecting the ships we operate.

Nile Cruisers offers varying types of ships and tours that will suit all kinds of travelers—and their preferences, budgets, and room standards—from around the world at any time of the year. The different levels of Nile River cruises are all exceptional and luxurious. Onboard, you will find relaxing private cabins to entertainment facilities—including onboard fitness rooms—plus access to the historical and cultural attractions on the Nile River from Luxor and Aswan. Our Nile River cruises come in Deluxe and Luxury, and are all top-rated and give you privacy, educational opportunities, and cultural experiences:

  • Deluxe Nile Cruise rating between 4* to 4.5*
  • Luxury Nile Cruise rating between is 5*

Deluxe Nile Cruise Ratings

The Deluxe Nile River Cruise offers 4.5* accommodations with affordable prices and a high sense of hospitality. We at Nile Cruisers only employ those that are highly professional. Our experts have listed below the recommended Nile cruise ships with detailed comparisons between them across common categories:  

  Nile Cruise Name Pool Capacity Wi-Fi Room Terraces Spa Gym Entertain
1 Concerto Nile Cruise Yes 68 Cabins + 4 Suites Chargeable Window Openable NO Yes Yes
2 Amwaj Nile Cruise Yes 44 Cabins + 14 Suites Chargeable Window Openable NO Yes Yes
4 Steigenberger Yes 54 Cabins + 4 Suites Chargeable Window Openable NO Yes Yes
5 Blue Shadow yes 62 Cabins + 4 Suites Chargeable Window Openable NO Yes Yes

Luxury Nile Cruise Rating

On our Luxury Nile cruise, you will experience a piece of heaven on Earth. We offer the finest accommodations, facilities, and nightly entertainment during your vacation. Luxury cruises are our top-rated experience based on customer reviews of Nile Cruisers, and our ships are managed by international hotel management companies such as Movenpick and Oberoi. Can’t decide what ship fits your needs? See below the comparisons of our luxury Nile Cruiser ships:

  Nile Cruise Name Pool Capacity Wi-Fi Room Terraces Spa Gym Entertain
1 Historia Nile Cruise Yes 40 Cabin + 12 Suites Free Window Openable Yes Yes Yes
2 Farah Nile Cruise Yes 60 Cabins + 2 Suites Free Window Openable Yes Yes Yes
3 Mayfair Nile Cruise Yes 72 Cabins + 2 suites. Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Movenpick lily Yes 56 Cabins + 4 suites. Chargeable Window Openable Yes Yes Yes
5 Esplanade Cruise yes 70 Cabins + 2 Suites. Free NO Yes Yes Yes
6 Movenpick Sunray Yes 62 Cabins + 4 suites. Chargeable Window Openable yes yes yes



A trip on Nile Cruisers is the best way to see the Nile River and all of the top sites and attractions of ancient Egypt. Become one with human history on a river cruise like no other, with nightly entertainment, private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and knowledgeable tour guides that can answer any question. Our past customers have greatly enjoyed their experiences on Nile Cruisers due to our cleanliness, planned excursions, and affordable costs. No matter the time of year, we take customers on once in the lifetime journeys down the Nile River. Nile Cruisers is the proven, best tour company and guide for those looking to visit Egypt and the Nile River!